Brisk Walking as Strengthening Exercises

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Hi, I’m Casey Glover and I own Let Cardio Talk where we offer you a variety of workouts to target different aspects of fitness. Among our many workouts we have a special bodyweight training program designed specifically to help you improve your strength using your body as the only form of resistance. 
Join us today and let us help you to transform your body and take it to the next level!

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Is Your Kid Exercising Too Much?

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Isometric Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Do these exercises to strengthen the muscles around your ankle. This will provided added support to the joint. Each exercise should be repeated ...

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What People Say

I used to compete in the long distance challenges for out track team since high school so I’ve always ben into cardio. Our coach has always advocated we lift but I was afraid I’d bulk up and it would mess up my runs. I returned to running after college and tried the program. Weight training really helped. With stronger muscles, I was able to run longer and faster. I should have listened to my coach earlier and did this when I was competing.

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